Olivia Haydon is a storyteller specializing in portrait, travel and nonprofit photography. Based in Washington, D.C. & available for travel worldwide.



I love telling stories— love stories, travel stories, and anything in between. Photography is a uniquely powerful tool that enables us to connect with others. I would be honored to help you tell your story. For additional information or to book a session, please contact me.



Travel photography is about so much more than simply documenting exotic locales. For me, it’s about chronicling authentic experiences, listening more than you speak, celebrating differences, and embracing the inevitable moments of discomfort that ultimately lead to wisdom and growth.



Compelling visuals are an important part of telling your organization’s story. As a photographer, I believe in documentary style photography that is ethical, culturally sensitive, and intentional. For more information on my services for nonprofits, please contact me.

It is stories that can get people to think differently. That can challenge them, that can inspire them to action. We are not creatures of statistics and numbers and data. We are creatures of story. We think in stories. We are moved by stories. We remember stories.

— Scott Harrison